PSN NameDarth-Simous
PlatformSony Playstation 3
Vocation SorcererSorcerer
Gender female Female
NeedsFondling & Soapy Massage
DescriptionDanika is my 1st Pawn. She is, and always will be, my favorite one ! My Lady Sorceress is as beautiful as she is deadly ... and you won't have to worry about her getting debilitated ! She has the best Gear money can buy, including two awesome Master Rings ! Her Skills can always be changed, when needed. She is "Permanently" set to "Friends-Only". ATM she is a "Fiery Strider" in the Rift.
Additional informationI usually do Daimon Runs or Death farming - on Hard Mode and Weal in effect - in order to help fellow Arisens with their RC Gains, or grind Rotunda & Black Abbey, to help fellow Pawns with their BBI Knowledgification. I always return a hire - apart from trolling or bad ones - and i am quite active on GameFAQs Official Pawn Sharing Club Topic.
Rift Ranking433