PSN NameN7-Warden
PlatformSony Playstation 3
Vocation FighterFighter
Gender female Female
NeedsFondling & Soapy Massage
DescriptionMy Raven haired beauty with the board n sword. Being a balanced build Athena is a jack of all trades . She's spammed 10 fold at Daimon , Poked the eyes out of Gorecyclops , Played the healer as a mage and nuked hoards of beasties as a sorceress but in the end she just loves to get her Dragons Maw on ! She will happily carve through every scrub on the battlefield and then smack the big boys in the mouth. She loves to stagger enemies with a perfect block and cracks a devilishly sly smile when they realize they picked the wrong girl to mess with.
Additional informationAthena is full Knowledge and needs no gifts but good ratings if deserved are always appreciated .
Rift Ranking4679