PSN NameMoseph187
PlatformSony Playstation 4
Vocation RangerRanger
Gender female Female
DescriptionFrom The Witcher Wiki: Maria Barring, better known as simply "Milva" or "Kania" (meaning "kite") in Elder Speech, and "Sor'ca" ("sister") by the elves was a female archer from Upper Sodden, one of the few non-dryads tolerated in Brokilon. Eithné was said to be rather fond of her. She led four fictional crusades against the dryads in the hope of reducing the number of volunteers for their expeditions. But when her true part in this was discovered, she vanished.
Additional informationDuring Second Nilfgaard War she guided the shattered remains of the Scoia'tael commandos through the forest. She was one of Geralt's companions. Later, her friends discovered that she was pregnant by an unnamed elf who was presumed dead. Unfortunately when they tried to reach the far bank of the Yaruga on their way to Caed Dhu, the Nilfgaardian armies attacked them as did the Rivian army. Milva was seriously injured causing her to miscarry. She was shattered after that and didn't speak at all due to her depression. Then, one day during the journey she cut off her hair and returned to her old self.
Rift Ranking276