PSN NameALTarisen
PlatformSony Playstation 4
Vocation StriderStrider
Gender female Female
DescriptionFrom The Witcher Wiki: Mistle, a girl with short, straw colored hair, was one of the members of the Rats. Mistle came from a wealthy noble family in Thurn (in Maecht) until she was kidnapped by a roving band of bandits that ransacked the village. She and the rest of the kidnapped females were repeatedly raped during this time. Asse eventually discovered her in a ditch where her captors had dumped the bodies; Mistle being the only survivor.
Additional informationShe was the first of the Rats to take an (almost over-abundant) interest in Ciri, who was being held captive along with Kayleigh. Later that night, Mistle chastised Kayleigh for attempting to rape Ciri (who was too emotionally drained, due to her recent past experiences, to resist). Once Kayleigh was gone, Mistle took advantage of the now half-dressed Ciri. Mistle attempts to build more on the purely-physical relationship, but Ciri remains emotionally distant and even admits she's only in it because she doesn't want to be alone again.
Rift Ranking304