PSN NameDarth-Secundus
PlatformSony Playstation 3
Vocation FighterFighter
Gender female Female
NeedsFondling & Soapy Massage
DescriptionDeianira is Danika's Sister and taken straight from the Ancient Greek Mythology. She is Hercules' 2nd Wife and Alcmene (her Arisen) is Hercules' Mother. She is build MAX STR (for pawn), and Alcmene MAX MAG. Thanks to Twizted Jedi mostly, she now has Full Knowledge, apart from the Seneschal. She will be taking along other fellow pawns, who need Bestiary Knowledge, and Alcmene (her Arisen) will be helping with RC Gains, as well, by "farming" Death. Hope U like her !
Additional informationDeia can occasionally change herself to Strider, if needed. Just send me a PM on the PS3, when we are both online, so i can set her up! Cheers
Rift Ranking640