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Absolute Pawn Contest the 2nd by _ard

It is the end of the year again (almost), meaning it is THAT time again! You may remember the Absolute Pawn Contest from earlier this year, which was based on the Ultimate Pawn Contest from the vanilla days run by no other than Diceman. If you didn't know yet, this is the absolute contest to decide who is the absolutest pawn of them all! What does the absolutest pawn even mean? Nobody really knows for sure. How do you even decide something like that? Simple. Your pawn will be judged by appearance as well as their aptitude to kill and survive. What's more, you will get the chance to watch it all happen through recordings of the battles! Thanks to technology that's hardly a unique thing these days, but in here the timer's pressure is weighing more heavily than ever.

Join at GameFAQs :

You will find all videos in this playlist on his Youtube channel.

The closing date for this contest was Friday October 23rd 2015

Absolute Pawn Contest the 2nd - After-Party (Photo Album by YoruPoru)

YoruPoru Gallery

YoruPoru Gallery by Feisar31

Greetings video game fans,

My name is Artie Hespifina. No doubt the more sophisticated among you are aware that I am a well-known art curator. Early this year, the artist YoruPoru came to my attention. Her work in digital imagery astonished me, but I was equally astonished that she had not had even a single exhibition! I began a project to build a permanent home for her art. Today I am delighted to announce the Grand Opening of the YoruPoru Gallery! Even if you cannot visit the building in person, do not despair. You can now take the virtual tour at the gallery Web site: I should note that it is best to view the site with a computer or tablet: after all, this is Art!

For those who aren't familiar with her work, the YoruPoru Gallery will serve as an introduction to her special talent. For her fans (and I understand there are many of those here), I pray it will provide an opportunity to reflect on her artistic achievements to date. Because the slacker I hired to make the site ran off without doing a guestbook page, I hope you will treat this topic as a guestbook for recording your appreciation for YoruPoru and her artwork. Please enjoy the gallery, and be sure to keep up with YoruPoru's latest project in "The Adventures of the Team of Crazies: Season 3".

Sincerely yours,
Artie Hespifina

Spring Nithron Dorotea black abbey fun

Dark Arisen's Funniest Home Videos by 500up

So the title is a bit misleading - none of the videos are particularly funny but I thought i would create a thread to post the videos instead of scattering them through the opsc thread. Most of the videos will be similar fights/areas and i will try to mix in as many different pawns as i can. When i post here i'll give a brief description of the fights and the fighters, on my actual video page the titles contain the names of pawns and the main fight(s). After the APC, I decided to get an elgato as i really liked what Ard had done. All his videos are fantastic and while i know my videos are no where near as polished as his, I figured there's probably a few more people like me who would like to see their own pawns and other pawns in action.

This is the link to Ard's videos. I post this first because his videos are excellent.

This is the link to my videos.

Link to "Dark Arisen's Funniest Home Videos" at GameFAQs

Photo taken by YoruPoru

April fooling? Pawns need to dress out for 4/1/15 (The Motley Crew Week by Karmikazzee)

In celebration of April 1st & Dragon's Dogma's fantastic gamefaq community, March 25th to April 3rd is now known as "Motley Crew Week." During this time we ask that all gamefaq members that are, or have, played Dragon Dogma (or non-members alike!) dress their pawns in Jesters Motley's during this time. Like it or not this game has been out for a very long time & the boards are slowing down. (It's amazing that it has stayed this busy for so long!!) So lets all have this last big hurrah & paint Gran Soren red!! This is without a doubt one of the best gaming communities there has ever been, or ever will be. So we hope you'll join in & have a laugh with the rest of us. There are no rules & wearing a motley is certainly enough but here are some guidelines most of us will be following.

Link to "April fooling? pawns need to dress out for 4/1/15"

Link to first "Motley Crew Week!" thread in GameFAQs

OPSC - Dragons Tooth Raffle March 22 - April 22, 2015

The official rules as best I can relate: From the time this is posted to OPSC page, all donations of $5.00 or more will be entered for this drawing.

Entries are $5.00 US ( equivalent ) per entry. No limit is made on how many entries you wish to make. Global shipping will be paid from the proceeds of this endeavor. Certified mail ( signed for ) with insurance, is the only sensible option. This item is absolutely one of a kind. We will have the drawing date posted, and all donors will be notified both by email, and the manner of their choice.

The goal of this raffle is to help Paasky. The raffle fund helps only with the financial considerations. I consider it my honor, to offer him a chance, in respect for what cannot be calculated; his time, and efforts. I think it would be unfair, that, after all his efforts and expense, he would not be eligible for this prize. Therefore my idea is that he be allowed one entry for ten entries, three for fifty entries, five for one hundred entries, and a maximum of eight for any above 250 entries. The more total entries, the better your chance to own this knife. So tell your friends, and family, and help advertize the OPSC Raffle. I know we all appreciate his considerable efforts, and I thank you for your forbearance in this contest; it is my first. I will take all advice, and ideas, via PM, email, and social media , as a consideration for any who are here solely for this contest. This is advertised via several social media outlets, and in effort to be fair, I will entertain all feedback.

I look forward to your input,

Read the backstory "Leather was amazed"

Dragons Tooth raffle was held 23th April by METLMASHER Thank you all participants and big congratulations to Winner!

Link to raffle and video is available here:
Dragons Tooth raffle

The Adventures of the Team of Crazies by YoruPoru

Hello everyone! This is my new photo project. Now my crazies love to wreak havoc left and right with their amazing friends. This will be the place where you can see the trouble --errr-- fun that your creations are getting into with my team. I will post each individual photo here, but you are welcome to view the entire album as well.

Link to "The Adventures of the Team of Crazies"

Adventures of the Team of Crazies (Photo Album)

Adventures of the Team of Crazies: Episode II (Photo Album)

The Absolute Pawn Contest 2015 by _ard

You may remember the Ultimate Pawn Contest from the vanilla days run by no other than Diceman. Based off this contest we have another huge showdown between pawns, this time focusing on the new content provided by Dark Arisen.

This is the absolute contest to decide who is the absolutest pawn of them all! The method to do so is twofold. Your pawn will be judged by appearance as well as their aptitude to kill and survive. What's more, you will get the chance to watch it all happen through recordings of the battles!

Link to "The Absolute Pawn Contest 2015 - Official Thread"

Link to "Absolute Pawn Contest - battle reports"

Watch All Videos in YouTube

APC After Party (Photo Album by YoruPoru)

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